Mid-Atlantic – May 2019 – Portrait/Illustration

Judges Comments

This category was the weakest. People may need a little brush up on what a portrait could be, as many of these entries seemed to be closer to "features," with seemingly found moments being entered. Not to discourage that, but taking control of a situation and working with a subject to create a portrait is completely acceptable in this category! While the subject rubbing his eyes drew us in with curiosity, the caption kept this from placing, as it wasn't clear if HE was an addict or not. This info should have been gotten on the assignment, especially when linking him to the study on overdoses. 1st, Bright, cheery, good use of that window light and framing. We get that she is in fashion, immediately. 2nd, A found portrait, with a nice face and some quiet energy. Could have benefited from some cropping, but good find. 3rd, This felt closer to a feature-find while covering a play, but amongst this group, it stood out. Great isolation of this face and clean background

Judges: Jay L. Clendenin/Los Angeles Times, Kent Nishimura/Los Angeles Times