Region 6 – August 2015 – Sports

Judges Comments

1-Leap Frog Football – 397422#58174-01-686867 A unique moment in football, and a moment before another probable moment - as the guy in air is about to be flipped over. It makes you anticipate what is about to happen next. It has nice composition, as well. 2-Facemask – 397534#58149-01-687040 A key moment of defense in a game. Good expression. 3- Football Pass Breakup – 39769357990-01-687303 Peak action moment in game. It creates a sense of anticipation. 4 – Honorable Mention: High School Interception Attempt – 397304#57961-01-686649 An artfully composed football moment, with good expression and color. (The caption needs work).

Judges: Carolyn Yaschur/Augustana College, Rebecca Scoggin McEntee/South Dakota State University