Region 6 – August 2015 – General News

Judges Comments

1 – Military Exercise - 397671#57919-01-687261 Thorough coverage a military exercise involving a wide variety of scenes, involving different angles and light. The photojournalist really worked this situation. There is no detail shot, but there is a nice variety of content, lighting situations, angles and distances. Each are nicely composed, particularly the iconic looking soldier running over the hill. 2- Bike Memorial – 397687#57990-01-687297 An intimate and moving moment between parents grieving their son, near their son’s memorial on the street where he was shot. This incorporates strong emotion and context nicely. 3 – Crying in Court – 397299#57961-01-686644 A nice tight shot of an emotional moment captured well during a cross examination in court, which can be difficult to get. The caption should have relayed the relationship of the subject to the person on trial for more context.

Judges: Carolyn Yaschur/Augustana College, Rebecca Scoggin McEntee/South Dakota State University