Region 6 – August 2015 – Feature/Single

Judges Comments

1 – Bird with Fish 397641#5796501687231 An unpredictable and humorous moment about fishing that is successfully shot. It shows differences in the success of the two fishers. 2- Teacher and student - 397257#58155-01-686585 Such a nice moment as a teacher comforts a young student. The caption was not written well and had several errors, including a spelling error, but the photo showed a private moment with contrast of their emotions in the midst of an emotional first day of school. 3 – Whiteout Sunday- 397268#58155-01-68604 We like the use of color and how the white suit pops out from the multiple shades of blue. The blue umbrella also matches the notrespassing sign next to the people in the scene, making for a pleasing palate.

Judges: Carolyn Yaschur/Augustana College, Rebecca Scoggin McEntee/South Dakota State University