Region 6 – August 2015 – Feature/Multiple

Judges Comments

1 - NASCAR – 397205#57834-01-686486 Very thorough. Showed a variety of interesting perspectives both graphically and content wise. Some nice moments. Captures varied emotions of the participants and spectators in a visually pleasing way. Technically successful with nice experimentation. 2 - Rodeo – 397779#56148-01-687414 Found some new moments in typical rodeo package like the dog looking up by the boot, the little boy with hat over his face in the parking lot, and the stage with spotlight photo. Used a wide variety of angles and distances from the bird’s-eye view to a detail of the buckle. Technically well done. 3- Outdoor Movie – 397158#58148-01-686415 and the next five photos This was in the wrong category. (feature single). We moved it. Tells a story about going to the drive-in, from setting up and enjoying an evening of outdoor cinema. It gives a sense of being there. It took some technical ability to shoot this with varying lighting situations, with our favorite being the ending scene setter of the people watching in the dark with the projector light coming from behind.

Judges: Carolyn Yaschur/Augustana College, Rebecca Scoggin McEntee/South Dakota State University