Northwest – April 2019 – Feature/Single

Judges Comments

Many images in this category. Those that rose to the top were more unusual in both the moments and the way the were photographed. First place was a wonderful moment photographed from a challenging perspective. Judges liked the fullness of the frame and shallow depth-of-field to bring you straight into the subjects' faces and deemphasize the possible clutter with so many other colors and faces. Second place is so vivid with the (we're guessing) strobe use. Just bleeding color. The slower shutter speed also allowed us to feel the movement of the subject. Nice lens choice, too. Third place's color and stage lighting probably bewitched the judges. Composition is interesting, too. We thought a slightly different moment might have elevated this from a very good image to a great image.

Judges: Denny Simmons/Courier & Press, Mike Lawrence/Courier & Press, MaCabe Brown/Courier & Press, Sam Owens/Courier & Press