New England – March 2019 – General News

Judges Comments

Overall, a weaker category. There were some strong images, but they're not "general news" images. General news comes from planned events. Because you're working on a topical news story, does not make it a general news image. That's a feature image - which is more than just slice of life. First place - Great moment. The best general news images are the slice of life moments people find at general news events. Perhaps a bit wider frame here, show a bit more of what's going on around them, but great moment. Second place - the ONLY reason this entry is second is because you gave the same frame 43 times. Ok, not that many, but seriously, EDIT DOWN (this same lecture is coming for third place as well). Show your best work, anything less than the best hurts you, it doesn't help. _05 was the best frame, by far. Didn't need seven other frames of people yelling. _05 was balanced, well composed and a great moment. It would have placed first if it weren't dragged down by repetition of the same moment over and over. Third place - Same critique as above, though it wasn't repetition that was the main problem here (though images 8-10 having identical framing is a HUGE problem). The biggest issue was technical flaws across most of the images entered. Images were over exposed, poorly framed or lacking overall strong execution. What earned this entry a place was the strong moments that existed through a number of the frames despite the poor technical execution. Fix the toning, and knock the entry down to _02, _06 (crop way in), _08 and _11 and you're done.

Judges: Kyle Grantham/Former National Clip Chair, Matt Gade/The Daily Republic