New England – March 2019 – Portrait/Illustration

Judges Comments

Wanted to award "cigar man" first place so bad... and then read the caption. There's no name. There's no date. The only information gleaned was "oh hey, I went to Cuba." Be a journalist, get some information. First Place - Perfect execution. The subject is framed well internally and the sense of environment is maintained through an excellent balance of ambient and artificial light. Well done. Second Place- So well executed. Great use of light and balancing the ambient with the strobe. The blowout in the flag on the right is distracting, and that's all that knocked this down one. Third Place - Great balance that's carried all the way through the lights on the ceiling. Like a little more light on her just to make her pop, but very strong frame.

Judges: Kyle Grantham/Former National Clip Chair, Matt Gade/The Daily Republic