Midwest – March 2019 – Photo Story/Essay

Judges Comments

Very weak category that is why we only awarded one entry. Most entries were merely collections of photos with no story arch. The two entries that had some semblance of a story arch had too many holes to be named winners. The young boxer with his father/trainer could have been a story if the photographer would have spent the time to tell how the boxer faired in the finals that night. We believe it would have been a better story if the time would have been taken to follow the father/son during training leading up to the finals and through the night of the fight. We also question your decision to make the images black & white. For the entry from the murder of the store clerk and subsequent trial. We feel the story is how are these families and the community affected by this crime. Your images only documented the events. Note to the photographer that entered the missing in action funeral. Per the clip contest rules that entry should have been in the general news category. We feel it would have place if it was in the correct category. For the one entry we did award, our staff agreed this collection was the strongest. It’s a nice balance of interesting images and cute moments. It could have used a tighter edit. The tonality of the sixth image is so different from the rest of the photos it seems out of place. Plus the tournament players don’t appear to be interacting with the pairing process so it left the judges questioning the image and caption.

Judges: Evan Lewis/Victoria Advocate, Chamberlain Smith/Victoria Advocate, Charlie Blalock/Victoria Advocate