Central – March 2019 – General News

Judges Comments

We all liked the picture of the Meals On Wheels scene because it made us feel good in its representation of the goodness and diversity in America. Second place was the small town mayor photo story. It was interesting and nostalgic and simple. The subjects in this collection are plain folk, not show-offs and neither was the photographer who stayed true to the theme. Many of us would have left after the first or second frame on an assignment like this, but our hats are off to you for working it, and studying it. It paid off. Third place, is a perfect example of making lemonade when you’re given lemons. When tasked with coming up with a photo that tries to explain school growth for decades, this was clearly a good choice. There’s three levels of information in this image; 1956, 2016 and 2019. Adding the slow shutter speed action blur was a perfect way to make a mundane concept look fresh and changing in our modern times. We applaud the photographer for thinking this one through and coming up with a picture-story in one picture. Outstanding. Especially if it was used large in print.

Judges: Robert Kirkham/The Buffalo News, Cathaleen Curtiss/The Buffalo News, Derek Gee/The Buffalo News