Central – March 2019 – Sports Action

Judges Comments

We were totally blown away by the entries in this category. It was very difficult to judge this one. There were 81 entries and each one was better than the last. But, someone has to win. We chose to award first place to a basketball "loose ball" moment that was sharp and well framed. We liked being so close to the action. The strong vertical silhouette of a pole vaulter took second place because of its composition and interest value. We're glad it was entered in this category instead of "sports feature" because we dare to see more sports editors use imagery like this. Why not? It was during competition. Most of us roll our eyes when we see silhouettes, including our own staff members, but not this time. Nice picture. And third goes to another basketball action picture of a player getting almost tackled during the game. There were so many amazing March hoops pictures that it was difficult to pick these three. Well done Central.

Judges: Robert Kirkham/The Buffalo News, Cathaleen Curtiss/The Buffalo News, Derek Gee/The Buffalo News