South – March 2019 – Sports Action

Judges Comments

First place is great peak action with good humor in both expressions. There were many good rodeo images, but the expressions made this rise above the others. Second place is very powerful. It's something you don't see often because it just happens so quickly. We can see at least three bodily fluids spewing in the air. Third place is a really cute moment enhanced by the footwear. This was a well entered category but these images and a few others really rose above the rest. The entry of the celebrating gymnast would've placed but it should've been in the sports feature category. As we judged sports feature, we mentioned multiple times that we wished the gymnast celebration was in that category.

Judges: Allison Lee Isley/Winston-Salem Journal, Donnie Roberts/The Lexington Dispatch, Scott Muthersbaugh/Perfecta Visuals