Central – February 2019 – Portrait/Illustration

Judges Comments

1st. We thought this was the best represented category, and this image was easily number 1. It has great color, great composition, and its a great emotion. This image is one of the images that sticks with you hours later. 2nd. Wonderful composition. Also, great use of lighting to highlight some of the muscles in her shoulders to highlight the athleticism. There’s a certain intensity on her face, this image wouldn’t be the same if she was looking down, or smiling. 3rd. was a tough call for us, between this one and Dr. William Campbell in the piano reflection. We chose Marty Olejniczak in the Chevy because it makes a great use of color. We also thought his personality comes through in the Chevy more-so than other images.

Judges: David Andrews/University of Maryland, Eric Wheatley/University of Maryland