National – January 2019 – Spot News

Judges Comments

We selected pictures that captured the faces and emotions of those involved in the circumstances they found themselves in. There are moments in each photograph. Mostly these situations are beyond their control. There are multiple-picture entries that aren’t selected because the quality of each photograph did not hold up. The rules don’t permit the judges to select the best image from the multiple images submitted. That is good, because photographers should take a critical look at their entries and do a better job of editing. That didn’t happen. Looking at your entries and picking the best photo out of the event will help your chances of being selected. The first-place winner is filled with content. There is a lot happening in the photo, but it is easy to read. The body language of the police officers is juxtaposed with the casual bystanders taking pictures with their smart phones. After seeing the officers reacting, the viewer can spend a lot of time looking at all the details in the photograph.

Judges: Marcy Nighswander/Ohio University, Stan Alost/Ohio University, Josh Birnbaum/Ohio University