NY/International – January 2019 – Spot News

Judges Comments

Tighter editing would have served these packages well. Many were dragged down by repetitive images and a lack of lensing and visual variety. First: The Garage fire had intensity of the moment and showed the helplessness of people trying to fight a raging inferno. An emotional connection to those involved and tight photo of the weathervane engulfed in flame and smoke put this package over the top. Second: Puppy Love Fire suffered from repetitive photos but was a fairly complete package. Judges' favorite was the woman moving two puppies at once into a kennel. The urgency on her face juxtaposed by the adorable dogs tugged at heart strings. Third: Excellent effort covering a blizzard and using the rule of thirds to create an arty news photo.

Judges: Caroline E. Couig/Independent Photo Editor, Bradley E. Clift/Independent Photographer, Aubrey Moore/New Line Cinema