Mid-Atlantic – November 2018 – General News

Judges Comments

This category had quite a bit to pick from with a wide range of images from serious to emotional. There were quite a few that would have been better served in other categories for sure. A few of the multiple entries in this category could have been narrowed down to a single photo as well. A single photo that tells the entire story, will always be better than multiple that, together, confuse the story. There were quite a few veterans day photos that were quite good, but the first place shot was the clear winner of this category. The emotion along with the overall balance of the photo conveyed the event quite well. Second place was also extremely effective in telling the story. Third place was very clean in its framing, creating a very effective narrative that is enhanced by being B&W.

Judges: Peter Pereira/The Standard-Times, Mike Valeri/The Standard-Times, David Cuddy/The Standard-Times