Southeast – October 2018 – General News

Judges Comments

1st - Not your typical newspaper portrait. Stylewise this is more of a magazine approach but we really wanted to reward the instinct and success. So many things about this picture should have made this fail but what we have is quite the opposite. We loved her intense gaze, harsh light and challenging background that the photographer made work to their advantage. Next time square up those vertical lines for a home run. 2nd - Tough story to illustrate but the swirl of the white caps worked well to draw us in. The exposure issues here almost pushed this out of competition entirely. It’s about a stop over exposed and when darkened it really gets interesting and quite striking but here it’s a bit washed out and lacking the drama of the scene as it was and the seriousness of the story at hand. 3rd - Great moment on the left, needed some help with composition w/ some slight adjustments to clean up background and get just a tiny bit more of the face in top right and more cow. We needed more cow, more cowbell would’ve of course been even better :)! The additional images after the cow were not necessary and brought this entry down.

Judges: Scott Lewis/Freelance, Craig Fritz/Freelance