Southeast – October 2018 – Portrait/Illustration

Judges Comments

1st - This is really really simple but is quite well done and restrained. It does a lovely job of tying the past to the present. it’s hard to bring humanity into a story of the past and give a sense of emotion to the present day reality for this family without being cheesy. The photographer here took their time to carefully and thoughtfully arrange a scene of compassion. By taking the time to organize the documents and just a small touch of the hands they showed care and concern that made us stop and be affected by the story that could have been really dry and hard to appreciate. 2nd - The light and distortion of the water are super dramatic and cool but the background distractions were too much for us. We would have liked to see those background elements cleaned up to emphasize all the positives you’ve got working for you here. 3rd - The two picture package was unnecessary. The image of the cheerleader crouching was strong, engaging and lovely but including the first took this down for us. Without it this would have placed first.

Judges: Scott Lewis/Freelance, Craig Fritz/Freelance