Northwest – September 2018 – General News

Judges Comments

There were a large array of scenes and situations in this category. We loved the moment and juxtaposition between the Lil’ Miss SE Colorado and her adult counterpart riding in the parade. It was a nice move to shoot in close, despite the stare. Because of the linear composition, we couldn’t stop looking at all the faces in the second place vigil photo. Very clean and well exposed. With a little tighter edit, third place would have moved up a bit. We still like the variety and storytelling aspect of the fire aftermath. Kudos go to the photog who shot a person harvesting from a cornfield in an inflatable dinosaur costume. Funny. Also, the ‘diminished views’ entry is a really good start to a photo essay.

Judges: Tom Fox/The Dallas Morning News, Smiley Pool/The Dallas Morning News