Northwest – September 2018 – Sports Feature

Judges Comments

Like the sports action category, there were lots of wonderful moments here. Starting with the overtime football game. Getting to the bottom of the pile made for a really nice celebration photo. We also liked the quieter found moments like in second and third place. The baseball player reading his book behind the dugout had that behind the scenes look we rarely see from sports. The body language, composition, and rare scene pushed it a place above the Russell Wilson photo. Those piercing Wilson’s eyes though-nice seeing. Would also like to highlight a couple of photos that took some chances and were nice as well. The photographer that shot the collapsed cross country runner and focused on the leaf stuck to his knee. Also, the male cheerleader picking up a player's missing shoe after the play. Instead of chimping the goal line play, the photographer was still shooting. A couple of photos in the category were strong contenders but were overdone in Lightroom or Photoshop.

Judges: Tom Fox/The Dallas Morning News, Smiley Pool/The Dallas Morning News