Mid-Atlantic – September 2018 – Photo Story/Essay

Judges Comments

First place: We felt like it was a cohesive story that flowed well and had technically good photos to go with it. -- 1st: most comprehensive story, difficult photos that were well executed. -- hayna Texter is pictured in all the stages of her sport and is shown progressing through a specific event as a story. While it is more of a human interest piece with less of an obvious big picture story, it still stands out and the reality of her story and struggle to be a female in a male dominated industry is easily comprehensible. Second place: good use of aerial photos, visually diverse, good color, nice portraits. The story really felt like it had a unique perspective and focused on an individual but applied its message to a larger community impact and had a lot of diverse and technically strong images. 3rd: beautiful photos, well composed. The story showed a part of the country and a struggle that is unique to certain people and the reality of their daily lives without their local economy. This can be read into greatly as election are just around the corner and many of the people featured will likely be opinionated voters. Once more there were many technically strong and diverse images.

Judges: Hubbard School of Journalism at the University of Minnesota PhotoJournalism Class