South – September 2018 – Feature/Single

Judges Comments

First place: The strongest, the most immediate emotional reaction that was stronger than the other more complex compositions. If you are going to shoot a cute kid photo, then this is the right kind to shoot. It's more complex than your initial reaction might suspect. Take a second look and ask yourself about that stuffed animal. And then there's the Family Guy reference, too. Second: Layers of charming interaction and content. And brought your eye to the scene. All the pieces in the frame are working to tell a succinct moment. Third: Wrought with irony. A scene bespoken of an ancient theme of mindfulness contrasted with modern individual cellular distractions. A new Family of Man? I challenge anyone to find a reference to both Family Guy and Family of Man in the same comment section. Ever.

Judges: Michael G. Seamans/Morning Sentinel, Jim Evans/Former Morning Sentinel, Niko Hample/Freelance