Northwest – July 2018 – Photo Story/Essay

Judges Comments

We decided to award a teen homeless project First place because it looked like the photographer invested in the story and it also proves that access is key. Think of the old adage that the more you work with your subjects the more familiar you become to them and that usually leads to more candid moments. Earn they're trust and the pictures will follow. Second place was a piece on cattle driving which had a clear maybe even unfair advantage on sparking the judge's interest since we never see sights like that anywhere even close to our home in Buffalo. This leads to another adage; look for the unfamiliar in your own backyards. Show readers something they've never seen before and you'll be amazed at how interesting your images will become. Third place was a pictorial collection of an old cannery site. Don't be afraid to wander around unknown places and explore. Your pictures might not win any contests, but it's good therapy and this calming affect makes you treat your next assignment in a whole fresh mind-set.

Judges: Robert Kirkham/The Buffalo News, Cathaleen Curtiss/The Buffalo News, Sharon Cantillon/The Buffalo News