Mid-Atlantic – June 2018 – Sports Action

Judges Comments

We liked this first place frame because it has "peak ball" in many senses of the word. It made us laugh in its simplicity and then we appreciated the elegant balance of the frame. The ball almost looks like a small moon in the foliage. It's either a smart image or a smart edit. There's a sense of helplessness about his posture. Lacrosse photo is also "peak ball" with faces and angles of bodies, whole frame is used. There's no great light, the emotion is there but it's not extreme. I'd be happy for someone to turn this in and put it on the sports front. Third place is on the wrong side of the gatorade and we just get umpire face, but there's repetition of hands including people in the back. It's the moment of confirmation and unfortunately its more about the ump than the player.

Judges: Julia Robinson/Freelance, James Gregg/Austin American-Statesman