Mid-Atlantic – June 2018 – Sports Feature

Judges Comments

This is the battle of relative merits of photos and what they attempt. First place was well-seen, possibly overtoned, but beautiful. The crop ratio is odd and it would square up nicely if that's the intent. This is at least trying for something different and graphic. Second place, there were many pile-up championship baseball photos but it all comes down to the emotion you can see. This frame has some peak action of a jump and several emotional faces. The kid with an arm in the sling on the left would make a great addition to the image, but the crop kills him. Third place, crazy-eyes made us laugh. There's lots of emotion in softball so this isn't a never-before-seen type of image, but the bulging eyes and expression were definitely worthy of a feature picture and a quick-fast-funny read.

Judges: Julia Robinson/Freelance, James Gregg/Austin American-Statesman