NY/International – May 2018 – Portrait/Illustration

Judges Comments

First place just has a great feel to it. Second place is a nice approach for the story, that would benefit from a slightly tighter crop to drive the viewer to the subjects a little quicker. Third place has nice feel and light, but the composition doesn’t quite come together. Perhaps a little longer lens would might have helped balance the wide-angle distortion of the hands, and a little lower and to the left might have added some symmetry to the placement of the subject? But, we all know the challenges. One judge acknowledged that they had just come back to the office from shooting a portrait where, “I got so distracted by my getting my lighting right that I seemed to forget about my composition and definitely didn’t watch my background.”

Judges: Smiley Pool/The Dallas Morning News, Ashley Landis/The Dallas Morning News, Nathan Hunsinger/The Dallas Morning News