New England – May 2018 – Sports Feature

Judges Comments

1st. Beautiful color, light, moment. The layering is pretty solid, too. Second image was a sweet moment and feel. The background created a bit of an issue for us, but it still was solid enough. 2nd. Great selfie shot. We generally blow past selfie pics as they've saturated our lives, but this one was just too good to not recognize. You go straight to the subject in the center and then are rewarded when you look around the frame and see face after face after face of kids not staring at the photographer. What a joy. 3rd. We thought we'd gone back in time when we saw this image. Great moment, but maybe could have used a crop.

Judges: Denny Simmons/Courier & Press, Mike Lawrence/Courier & Press, MaCabe Brown/Courier & Press, Sam Owens/Courier & Press, Jake Crandall/Courier & Press