Region 4 – November 2015 – Sports

Judges Comments

Sports was by far the strongest category in this month's competition; (made the judges wonder if it were possible to devote the expertise, passion and commitment to covering other aspects of our communities, and what difference it might make in the quality of the visual report.) First place photo is an example of having to "herd wild cats" - completely unpredictable but all the elements fall together to create a strong story telling tableau - very fresh. The second place low angle volleyball photo is probably not one that could be repeated consistently, but here it really works well, showing the strategy and grace of the game with well-timed composition. Third place is a terrific example of stop action long lens photography where it all comes together - with good light on the players' faces, too. The alternate image - a found situation after the end of a football match is a lovely portrayal of high school relationships (maybe romance?)

Judges: David Rees/University of Missouri, Rita Reed/University of Missouri, Brian Kratzer/University of Missouri