South – March 2018 – General News

Judges Comments

First place had the most impact of all the entries. The use of flash added a bit of drama to heighten the woman’s expression. The composition is a bit messy (hand at the right edge of the frame), but we felt the loudness of the image trumped some compositional blemishes. Second place was a beautiful photo that utilized the top-down perspective well to make for a more impactful photo. We were curious what a slightly tighter crop would do for the photo (though we know with marches it’s hard to get clean edges of a frame). Third place was very creatively seen – great use of the environment to create a striking photo from what was likely an unremarkable press conference. There were a few multiple-picture entries that had great singles in them, but were bogged down by being mixed in with weak frames.

Judges: Isaac Hale/Daily Herald, Evan Cobb/Daily Herald