Southeast – February 2018 – Feature/Single

Judges Comments

First Place: This was a nice moment that was amplified by good composition. The caption added to the great story. It made for an uncommon slice of life photo that really made you think about an issue that probably doesn't get thought about unless it affects you personally. Second Place: This was a nicely composed shot. The photographer's patience paid off. Third Place: This was a tough decision, but ultimately we felt that there was some thought behind composing this photo. The blues helped. It was a little busy in the background but overall the composition and the setting worked well. A lot of these photos were miscategorized. More than half of the entries should have been included in general news. (interestingly enough, half of those should have been filed under feature).

Judges: Amanda Morrison/Watertown Daily Times, Daytona Niles/Watertown Daily Times, Chris Lenney/Watertown Daily Times