Southeast – February 2018 – Portrait/Illustration

Judges Comments

First Place: This is an example of the photo matching the caption perfectly to tell a great story. It was a tasteful way to illustrate a missing person. You can clearly see that the parents have left the room as it was so that it will be ready for their son to return home. The portrait also shows their exhaustion with the situation. Overall, very well thought out and perfect illustration for the story. Second Place: We wanted a little more information in this caption to figure out if there was more to the story or not. We felt it was a pretty good illustration of night golf though, with the composition and the colors working well together. Third Place: We thought this was an interesting way to take a portrait of someone who had passed away, especially in this context. Some of us felt that the idea could have been executed more cleanly by paying more attention to the lines on the wall. The major problem we had with the portrait category was the lack of information provided in a lot of the captions. It left us with more questions, sometimes making it difficult to determine what was going on. A well-worded caption that brings interesting information to a photo can help push it into placing.

Judges: Amanda Morrison/Watertown Daily Times, Daytona Niles/Watertown Daily Times, Chris Lenney/Watertown Daily Times