Southeast – February 2018 – Sports Action

Judges Comments

First Place: This photo easily held our interest longer than most other images. The peak action, composition, color and mood helped to set this photo above all the other entries. The focus point being on the guy on the mat didn't bother us either. Second Place: Just good peak action at a wrestling match with interesting facial expressions to back it up. Third Place: We really liked the thought behind this photo. It was a much more interesting way to photograph penalty shots. We wish that the last guy in the row was visible, but understand that you can't also predict where the sports action was going or the reactions of the players on the field. Good story telling image. Several photos had good peak action but were lacking either the crop or toning to make them stand out.

Judges: Amanda Morrison/Watertown Daily Times, Daytona Niles/Watertown Daily Times, Chris Lenney/Watertown Daily Times