West – February 2018 – General News

Judges Comments

1st: There are some powerful images in the story on the displacement of the homeless from their encampment. From a woman looking over her remaining possessions, to a man contemplating his future on a bus to the unknown, and ending with the joy of man who took an hour-long hot shower, the story does a fine job of showing the diversity of challenges faced by people in this circumstance. 2nd: Wonderful image of a pilot reuniting with his family in a sea of other unit members, many appearing to be searching for their own loved ones. 3rd: The subtle details make this picture noteworthy. Rugs on the tent floor. Shoes neatly lined up. Flower on the nightstand. The fact there is a nightstand. A made up bed. All of these things are symbols of home and that home was soon to be displaced, leaving Ikedia Jones wondering what would come next.

Judges: Dave Einsel/Freelance, Kim Christensen/Freelance