NY/International – February 2018 – General News

Judges Comments

Alan Berner & Erika Schultz, staff photographers at The Seattle Times First is tight, moody, easier to make than the others but a good choice by the photographer to simplify here. Second is the release of a snowy owl release with the arms, body language playing well off the uplifted wings of the bird. It should be a single photo and drop #2, #3, #4. This wins first place if it’s just the release of the owl as a single. Third has humor with the lion dancers and the gambler, an unknowing player, walking by. It’s a one photo entry. Drop the image of the person at the video gambling machine.

Judges: Alan Berner/The Seattle Times, Erika Schultz/The Seattle Times, Angela Gottschalk/The Seattle Times, Bettina Hansen/The Seattle Times