Midwest – February 2018 – Feature/Single

Judges Comments

One of the strongest categories from the entire competition. 1st Place: We felt that the gun safety photo rose instantly as the clear winner because of its immediate impact, newsworthiness, filling of the frame, and social engagement (both in the photo and to the viewers). One judge liked the use of making bad light into a good situation. 2nd Place: The high-five security photo was one that we debated quite a bit in terms of placement. When the dust settled it was runner-up because of difficulty, people placement, and incorporating sense of place with longer glass. Kudos to make it all align. One judge felt a little bit disconnect with being so far but was reeled back in when another judge pointed out the sense of place was important. 3rd Place: This photo was strong with two judges who fought for it because it wasn't "newspaper literal," but rather relied on the senses of how it made one feel. We felt that sometimes it's not ALWAYS about moment, action, reaction. Sometimes it's good to challenge the viewer, albeit with quiet complex simplicity. The photographer let this painterly frame breathe and ask the right questions to the viewer to find out more. It's the entry point to a conversation. Well-played.

Judges: Corey Perrine/Freelance, Colin M. Lenton/Freelance, Matt Stanley/Freelance, Jon Kuntz/Freelance