Midwest – February 2018 – Sports Action

Judges Comments

Another strong category. The Midwest knows sports! Full disclosure: The images that placed were not selected because it was at a premier event, they placed because they deserved recognition based off their merit in execution while pitted against other solid sports images. Images shot in "the backyard" can outdo a flashy event. These people or this person is most likely picked to go to S. Korea because they are good at what they do. We just wanted to make that known. 1st place: Impact, impact, impact. 2nd: Great composition, moment, balance, it's all there. 3rd: The moment before the score, just nice. One judge felt this was higher in the pecking order of placement but was out voted.

Judges: Corey Perrine/Freelance, Colin M. Lenton/Freelance, Matt Stanley/Freelance, Jon Kuntz/Freelance