Midwest – February 2018 – Sports Feature

Judges Comments

One of the best tools a photographer can have in a frame is the element of surprise. The first two images are examples of that. Proof one does not need to be in far off flashy places to make great photos. 1st: Wow. Total surprise. Not expecting this one. Just a nice moment and caption to support what is going on. Way to pay attention to the less obvious photo in the photo. 2nd: Again, total surprise. A small quirky moment that on the surface could be easily passed up but really have deeper meaning made this stand out. Way to be a journalist on the captions, appreciated. 3rd: The agony of defeat well-told.

Judges: Corey Perrine/Freelance, Colin M. Lenton/Freelance, Matt Stanley/Freelance, Jon Kuntz/Freelance