MNCC Region 2 – July 2015 – Sports

Judges Comments

Overall, this was the strongest category for us to judge. There were a good variety of features and action and a decent amount of images submitted. First place - Frame 8 is a great image. This image evokes feeling and made us feel like we were in the moment. It provides context through the use of a wide angle perspective. We loved the puff of chalk dust that was floating by the athlete's head. Small details like that add to the image in a positive way. This fencing moment in image 12 was clean and tight, which can be hard to catch in fencing. We loved the way the fencing sword mimicked the body language and curved over top of the fencer on the right. Second Place: This is a strong jubilation photo during an important moment in the game. A crop on the left side, to get rid of the hand, or simply a tilt to the left (to get rid of the hand and level the image) would have cleaned it up. Third Place: This was an intense moment captured through a tight frame. The detail of the mouth guard provided a nice sense of place without having to shoot it wide.

Judges: Sam Owens/Charleston Gazette-Mail, Christian Tyler Randolph/Charleston Gazette-Mail