New England – January 2018 – Photo Story/Essay

Judges Comments

Not a lot of entires in this category. We all agreed that the backyard ice rink story was the best. Nice variety of photos and edited well. Second place was a good story about a roller derby, but we felt that the editing hurt the package, close to half of the photos were not needed. Third place had a lot of good photos but again it lacked in the editing. We were unsure if the story was about a cop who was an artist, or an artist who was a cop. We would have liked to have the photos focus on one or the other with just one or two photos from the other side of their life. One a side note, there was also one entry that we liked. Going through the captions though we noticed most of it was shot recently with a few from a year ago, but there was one from 2014. We understand if it was a long term project about a person but this wasn't. It felt like they just put it in because it was shot at the same location as the rest. The sad thing was it wasn't needed. They had a similar photo already in the package that was better.After seeing it we took it out of our top three.

Judges: Eli Lucero/The Herald Journal, John Zsiray/The Herald Journal, Matthew Halton/The Utah Statesman, Megan Nielsen/The Utah Statesman, Chantelle McCall/The Utah Statesman, Erica McNeill/The Utah Statesman