Region 2 – July 2015 – General News

Judges Comments

Overall this category was filled with images of the Pope visiting Mexico. All of our picks were related to the Pope visit. There were a few images placed in this category that we thought should have been entered as features. A reminder to be careful which category an image is entered into. First Place: Rose to the top instantly. Image 14 shows a solid sense of place and news worthiness, while also being aesthetically pleasing. Image 10 provided a good sense of place within the context of the Pope visit. Having the camera tilt upward slightly to show the Pope in the car without cutting off the heads of all the people on top of the roof would have made the image better. We appreciated the thought of image 4, it's a nice detail from what we are sure was another chaotic scene. The right side of the frame is fairly dead, there is nothing for our eyes to circle back around to the other side of the frame. If there had been another element on that right side of the frame it would have been even more interesting. Second Place: It's important to find those moments amid all the chaos. Watch the edges of the frame, it would have been nicer if the slight show of roof at the top of the frame was separated from the middle girl's head. Also is a tad bit underexposed. Third -

Judges: Sam Owens/Charleston Gazette-Mail, Christian Tyler Randolph/Charleston Gazette-Mail