Region 2 – July 2015 – Feature/Single

Judges Comments

First Place: We felt that it had the strongest moment of the bunch. It made us laugh, as it was a different type of "selfie" photo than most that we have seen. There was distortion of the arms and bodies of the girls from use of a wide angle lens that subtracted from the overall magic of the moment. Could have been enhanced with a different lens choice. Second Place: We thought this photo made the most of an assignment/feature photo that may not have been naturally visual. The low angle perspective helps clean up the scene. Third Place: This is another clean, simple picture of Fourth of July fireworks. Fireworks pictures are elevated to a more interesting level if there is is a scene unfolding in the foreground, like this picture did.

Judges: Sam Owens/Charleston Gazette-Mail, Christian Tyler Randolph/Charleston Gazette-Mail