Region 2 – July 2015 – Feature/Multiple

Judges Comments

First Place: The surfing story was the most dynamic and including the most variety of images in this category. Many of the images were well composed and looked like a good amount of time was spent with the people. Overall, it is lacking images with a personal feel. Most of the images that were submitted in the story are shot medium to far away. Getting closer to the people included in the story would have elevated this entry to a higher level. Second Place: The road race event was covered from many different angles by this photographer. We thought that the edit given to us could have benefited from some non-literal imagery. There are only so many straightforward running photos needed at an event like this. We were hoping for more sidelines/feature photos found at the event. Third Place: The set of livestock auction images was a good representation of the event itself. We thought it was missing before/after moments of children preparing their sheep for the auction or saying goodbye after their sheep have been sold. Most of the images look like they were shot from a medium-distance away from their subject, more variety would be nice. We liked that they included a portrait, and introduced different characters in their images.

Judges: Sam Owens/Charleston Gazette-Mail, Christian Tyler Randolph/Charleston Gazette-Mail