National – October 2017 – Sports Feature

Judges Comments

This may have been our most­ discussed category simply because of the number of interesting pictures. We’ve all seen silhouettes before but the first­ place entry’s photographer did literally everything right(except waiting for a football to fly through the air). Each element lined up with great separation perfectly: the coach on the right with his whistle, the sun and the hand of the player blocking it, the tiny head and shoulders in the center.... We could go on but we’ll leave it at “it won first place.”Second ­place is still making us turn our heads sideways in dream like wonder. Great initiative and risk ­taking shown by the photographer waiting for the hands to line up – it would’ve been easy to screw up a concept like this but the photographer crushed it. The third­ place entry is a one­of­-a­-kind moment (and one that kind of makes us wonder what a bat tastes like).

Judges: Andy Colwell/Freelance, Pat Traylor/The Denver Post, Kenzie Bruce/Westword Magazine