Central – November 2017 – Sports Feature

Judges Comments

Not as strong a category as action. Once again there were several very clear action photos mis­categorized. The difference this time was none of those looked like they would have been contenders in the action side. Lots of trophy shots, lots of pretty passable jubilation shots, a few decent dejection, but little that stood out. Some questionable compositions that begged for better cropping also stoodout. Large out of focus blobs to the sides of a composition do not make good framing elements, they're just distracting. First place was unusual, a shot looking away from the action on the field, it made us smile. Second place was the best of the jube shots with both players and fans at peak emotion. We felt it would be fractionally stronger with a bit of a crop off the right side of the frame. Probably not enough to climb to first though. Third caught our eye and earned a laugh at a, perhaps over enthusiastic, coach's celebration. the composition was just a bit awkward.

Judges: Sean D. Elliot/The Day, Peter Huoppi/The Day, Tim Cook/The Day