National – September 2017 – Photo Story/Essay

Judges Comments

Though there were many nice single images in this category, overall editing was rather weak. Many of the stories felt redundant and repetitive and needed to be edited much tighter. Some of the stories used anywhere from 12–32 pictures when the work could have been done by one or two of their strongest images. 1st: The timeline of this story is what makes it work. The fact that the photographer stayed with it allowed for closeness to the story that you wouldn’t otherwise have. There is some redundancy and it could have been edited tighter. 2nd: Good news photos but would like to see the life of this tourist area captured with a little more impact and contrast with the violence. 3rd: We like the unique and newsworthy angle of this story however would like to see a little more variety and less repetition (Snuggling pictures).

Judges: Tyler Anderson/National Post / Centennial College, Centennial College students, University of Toronto students