Region 3 – June 2015 – Feature/Multiple

Judges Comments

First Place: The coverage of a vigil for a deceased child showed the photographer's good efforts at capturing emotional moments in a fluid situation. The photographer showed the event with visual variety in lens selection. Second Place: Gave a good sense of place, showing how people on both sides of the issue felt. A future challenge to any photographer covering an event like this is to tell the story with signs. Can the viewer ascertain the feelings of those involved without a sign? Give it a try. Third Place: Clean set of images from retro baseball players. We'd like to see more than action. Look for the moments from behind the scenes. Any emotion, a sense of the camaraderie?

Judges: Francis Gardler/Lincoln Journal Star, Matt Ryerson/Lincoln Journal Star, Mischa Lopiano/Lincoln Journal Star, Kristin Streff/Lincoln Journal Star