New England – September 2017 – Feature/Single

Judges Comments

We got it down to a short list pretty quickly. There were two really good moments, but they were too over exposed to overlook, as we did in our first­ place choice for this category.1st place ­ it’s hard to beat big man in a fluffy tutu honing his demi­plies. The blown­ out top left­ hand corner in the giant ballerina photo was a bit annoying, and the caption was lacking in substance. It would have been nice to know what a former Canadian hockey player was doing in a ballet class. Not a perfect image, but definitely delightful. 2nd place ­ It looked like the photographer had put planning into his shot, choosing his cool “Owl of Knowledge” frame and waiting for someone to walk out through the door. That a mini superhero was the first out for recess was an added stroke of luck. We applaud his patience and foresight. 3rd place ­ We thought this photo showed a nice moment of the big boys keeping cool in a kiddie pool. We didn’t love that it seemed to be about the mass consumption of beer, but we thought it was well shot. The caption is a bit confusing though and doesn’t really explain why they are doing this.

Judges: Anita Baca/Associated Press, Leslie Mazoch/Associated Press, Rebecca Blackwell/Associated Press, Dario Lopez­Mills/Associated Press