New England – September 2017 – Sports Feature

Judges Comments

1st place ­ The clear winner for us was the feature package on Nascar racing. The series included a lot of variety in both content and perspective, with some strong compositions and a nice detail. A couple of the images were weaker and should have been left out. We liked that the photographer stuck around and made an image of a car being loaded into a trailer, a pretty good ender we thought.2nd place ­ We liked the character of the WWII veteran kneeling with the football players, and thought the shot was well photographed and nicely composed. 3rd place ­ A nice image that showed the photographer put in the effort to dig deeper on the story and get access to a private moment where the parents were helping their injured son. The caption gave great context for the image and summed up the story well.

Judges: Anita Baca/Associated Press, Leslie Mazoch/Associated Press, Rebecca Blackwell/Associated Press, Dario Lopez­Mills/Associated Press