Northwest – September 2017 – Sports Feature

Judges Comments

This category had some good moments but paled in comparison to sports action. While there were good moments in this category,across the board it lacked the strength in composition and light that the other categories had. First place ­ just a genuinely fantastic moment. Clearly something great was happening on the field, but the photographed had the presence of mind to focus on the coach and was rewarded with great jubilation. Second place ­ The moment takes second place in this image that has strong feel and composition. Good lens selection to make what good be an ordinary introduction moment into a strong feature.Third place ­ Just a hilarious moment. Not much strong about the way this was shot ­ pretty simple, long lens, clean background ­ but good presence of mind to not over complicate the moment.

Judges: Michael G. Seamans/Morning Sentinel, Gabe Souza/Portland Press Herald