National – July 2017 – Feature/Single

Judges Comments

The winning entries really jumped out from this category for being both different and exceptionally executed. Many of the pictures were good but also were versions of pictures we have seen, in various forms, many times before. The 1st place winner gave us a fresh look from an event that is so heavily photographed - Fourth of July - it's very difficult to come up with something different. This was was not only different, but a visual treat. The 2nd place selection was a very nice and tender moment from another heavily photographed moment,first day of school. But what makes this one different is that it is two young brothers, the apprehension and slight sense of what's happening, palpable in their expressions and body language, instead of the more common picture of children and their parents. It did need a slight crop from the left, though. The 3rd place photo was the best of several Fourth of July fireworks photos, and it stood out for its perfect composition and simplicity. The alternate was a nice image that reflects the wonder and simplicity of youth. Very nicely composed and great expressions.

Judges: John Harte/Bakersfield College, Alex Horvath/New York Newsday